The Sideways Cross Bracelet Blings Brightly at Derng!

Chances are good that you’ve noticed sideways cross bracelets popping up all over the hottest blogs, adorning the wrists of fabulous fashionistas here, there, and just about everywhere. In fact, that group of fabulous fashionistas of whom we speak may include you! And here at Derng, this terrific trend is one we simply can’t get enough of. It’s all sorts of simultaneously modern and vintage Madonna. And when fashion channels the 80s and spins it all 2013-like, we can’t help but take notice and cheer!

We’re fairly certain you can’t have too many side cross bracelets, so we went ahead and made enough styles and colors to satisfy your sideways cross craving every day of the week. We also threw a tiny little price tag on them so you don’t have to eat crackers for dinner just to be stylish!

Let’s take a peek at 2 top picks from our selection, shall we?

Bling Big, Baby! This oversized rhinestone sideways cross bracelet is available in white, blue and pink leather wraps, all of which feature clear, chunky stones. It is accented in gold metal, and has a full, adjustable length of 24”. Not for the fashion wallflower, this statement bracelet gets noticed!

Give Me the Glimmer and Gold! Oh, these are really just so pretty! Small, shiny beads accent the stretch band, leading up to a gorgeous pave sideways cross at the center. These are boldly brilliant enough to command some attention, but delicately demure enough to stack 2, 3 or 4. A true must-have, they’re a personal favorite of mine!

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