Pura Vida Bracelets: Perfect Presents for Easter!

While mountains of milk chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies are among our most treasured temptations this season, there really is only so much candy a girl can eat before her favorite jeans are struggling to button! Don’t get us wrong – we aren’t foregoing the sweet stuff altogether. Life without chocolate doesn’t sound like good times to us! But we are mixing in some other temptations as well, like colorful Pura Vida bracelets.

Just like pretty Easter eggs, Pura Vida bracelets are available in a rainbow of shades. They’re waterproof, adjustable, and complement just about everything in your wardrobe. And, every handmade bracelet you purchase helps provide full time jobs for talented local artisans in Costa Rica! Did we mention they start at just $5? Yep – 5 bucks. Grab a handful and share them with your favorite ladies and gents as a thoughtful Easter or just-because gift!

Unlike peanut butter eggs and marshmallow sweets, you can feel free to keep piling on the Pura Vida bracelets without any waistline worries. Opt for a single style and layer on lots of colors, or mix the original, braided and beaded for added interest and dimension. More than just a style statement, Pura Vida bracelets let the world know that you find beauty in the simple things that are actually anything but simple – a sunrise, a good conversation, a long walk on a warm day. They can also help you remind yourself that wonder is all around you – take nothing for granted, and ride each day like a wave!

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