Chunky Chain Link Goes Oh-So-Glam with Plenty of Pave Stones!

Whether you're looking to step up the sparkle factor in your own wardrobe or are shopping for shimmering Valentine's Day perfection for special someone, we have two exciting new pieces for your consideration. And when we say they bring the dazzle, we aren't kidding. You're about to experience a plethora of pave the world has never seen before - an explosion of awesome with a firecracker flash just waiting to turn up the volume on everything, every day!

We are excited to present the latest, most lustrous additions to the Derng jewelry collection - the Rose Gold Beauty necklace and bracelet! This chunky chain link necklace and bracelet are different than most others you've seen in their ability to win awards for most dynamic duo! What gives them that eye-catching luminescence? Pave stones... and lots of them.

The 8" pave link bracelet is comprised of 13 jewel-encrusted oversized links. The large lobster claw clasp keeps this bold beauty secure on your wrist, letting you clip it to one of the links itself if 8" is a bit too long. Each of those links - individually - is set to shine with over 100 pave stones. That means that each of these pave link bracelets is iced out in well over 1000 stones. And we just happen to use those same lovely links for the chain link necklace, as well!

We hope you're as awe-struck by the two newest members of the Derng jewelry family as we are. And we hope that many of you will treat yourself or have someone else treat you to this fabulous, affordable Valentine's Day gift!

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