Dernginite Deals


If you haven't noticed about a month ago we started featuring Dernginite Deals which are flash sales of Limited Edition products that were only advertised on Social Media sites such as our Facebook, Twitter, and our Instagram. The Derngite Deals were a huge success; there was only one problem...our Dernginite Deals ((DDs)) were selling out so fast most of our favorite Dernginites couldn't get their hands on the products!

We decided to change the rules a little for the DDs::

  • The products will no longer be limited edition! This means more Derng Bling for YOU!
  • The DD product will have a SALE PRICE for 3 days, then the price will go to its retail value. This means you want to jump on the DD before it goes up!
  • A new DD will be introduced every Friday and the prices will go up Sunday night at 12 CST

Check out today's DD ((It will last until Thursday at midnight CST then the prices will go up))

Pave Sideways Cross Necklace

Pave Baby Cross
 After this week the DDs will continue Friday, September 7! Be sure to mark your calendars.

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