Big News!

Yay, I'm still alive even though I don't get to blog much!

Great news to all Derng lovers in the Northeast! Derng is now going to be offered at a fabulous boutique, Frock Affair in Bangor, ME!

Check out Frock Affair Here. I love that I now have a reason to visit Bangor, besides the obvious reasons of course!

Here is a sneek peak of some Derng Bling that Frock Affair will carry:

In the meantime, check out Derng on Etsy Here

Does your boutique or store need some Derng?
Wholesale opportunities available!


Liesl said...

I really think I need to place an order with you for a bracelet...stay tuned! :)

ola said...

love these chain link bracelets! great jewelry line.

Morgan Stone said...

I love the mixed metals bracelet! I don't know how far Bangor is from Boston, but I'm looking into it ASAP. I've never been, but now I have the perfect excuse :) Thanks!

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