Talley Rouge

Talley Rouge has arrived!
I've been thinking about this piece for weeks and I finally added the final touches and placed it in The Shop 

Talley Rouge, $19 Available Here
If you like Talley Rouge, wait til you see Talley Blanc:: Coming Soon.


Carlina said...

OMG I am obsessed with your jewelry!!! I spent over half hour on your etsy site trying to figure out what I want- it seems like everything!! I found you via Belle de Couture IG, and figured I'd wait to see if I might win her giveaway!!

I'd love to work together, if you wanted to do another giveaway!!

Excited to keep an eye out for more merch on the etsy site!

xo Carlina

Yola Thorp said...

This necklace is absolutely amazing.


ashlyn said...

LOVE all your jewelry lady!
you are beyond talented :]

i would love to work with you & do a giveaway if you are interested. i am coming up on a big milestone for my blog & wanted have a rocking giveaway for all my readers!

xx. ashlyn

let it be beautiful

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