Salon Effects Review

On the past couple of posts I've been raving about Sally Hansen's Salon Effects. You can read my other post on this product here. So I decided to write a review and tutorial on how to apply them. They are *super* easy to apply. I applied while watching my absolute favorite show, Law & Order SVU. ((ha!))

Apology: For the black coffee table and black nail strips...I clearly should have used a lighter sufface.

Where to Purchase: Any drugstore or here
Price: $7-$10 per box
Lasts: Box says up to 10 days
The color is Lust-Rous and you get 16 real nail polish strips in the pack so you have plenty of extras if you mess up. The packet also comes with a small nail file with a rigid side and a buffer side, and a cuticle stick.
The instruction sheet is very detailed with pictures.

Start with clean, fresh nails. First, push all your cuticles back to ensure you are applying the strip to the entire portion of your nail. Secondly, use the buffer part of the nail file toremove any residue on your nails. Thirdly, take out the strips (they are going to look huge), remove the clear backing and the bottom edge.

Now, apply the strip to your nail. You will notice below how much excess I have to remove. This is the reason this product is FAR BETTER than most "stick on" nail polishes. To remove the excess, fold it down where your nail ends and simply peel it off. Because it is real nail polish, it is very easy to control. Now, use the pink side of the nail file to file down the spots where you removed the excess to make a clean, smooth finish.

Continue the process with each nail and you have a beautiful, well manicured set without waiting for them to dry!

This product is very easy to apply compared to any other stick on nail product I have tried.
The price is a little high compared to standard nail polish bottle which is the same price but will last many more manicures.
However, it is less expensive than a professional manicure.
I've had the nail strips on for 7 days and they still look great!
I would try this product again!

Please note: The above statements are my own opinions of Sally Hansen's Salon Effects and this blog post is not sponsored.

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