DIY Spiked Heels

The coveted Lorissa Pump. We've all seen them, felt them, then left them at Nordstrom because they are $300. ((sigh))

When life throws me lemons like this I say, " I'll just go home and drill some holes in my shoes!"...so that's what's did.

Here's what you need to create your very own spiked heels:

Drill ::please use with caution!
Loctite super glue
40-50 Spikes (I used one inch and half inch) Order Here

1. Map out where you want your spikes with your sharpie on both shoes.
2. Drill your holes where you placed the marks.
3. Place the backs of the spikes in the holes.
4. Screw in the spikes and tighten with screwdriver.
5. For the spikes on the heels, place glue on the back of the spike and adhere to heel. Loctite is THE BEST for this project. Let dry for a bit.
6. Screw spike to the heel spikes.

The spikes don't have to be perfect on each side. No one can tell when they are on your feet.
Use tape or gel inserts to avoid pain from the screw backs.
DO NOT use a hot glue gun! The spikes will not stick.
••this is my first DIY post, sorry I don't have more photos••

Thanks to Sam Edelman and Taylor from beeisforbeeauty for the inspiration!

As Always,
...Bling err Spikes Required!

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