Derng Bling Bridal Tank Spotting

Ahh, your wedding day! The best day of your life, the day when nothing else matters...except your dress, the flowers, the cake, the guest list, the food, the cocktails...the groom! Ok, so EVERYTHING matters!

Since you have sooo much to stress about, Derng makes your big day just a little easier with it's Bling Bride Collection! The Bling Bride Collection offers the best tanks, t shirts, hoodies, and panties for your big day!

Top Houston photographer, Jessica Vallecorsa of J Vallecorsa Photography took these of so *fab* shots of her bride wearing Derng's Rhinestone Bride Tiffany Tank.

The bride chose the Rhinestone Bride Tiffany Tank and added the Rhinestone Ring to the back of the tank. She also added the Ring Pin to the tank sleeve for that extra fun!

As always,
...Bling Required!

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